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We can create a custom solution to your exact specification, working with popular front-end languages and bringing your ideas and vision for your application to life. From development to design, we’ve got it all covered. We will select the ideal database, language and structure for your particular specifications. We adhere to your needs, maintaining code quality, complete integration, as well as object-oriented CSS standards for even large projects.

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Our Story

Smart MetaTec has one goal… To make the world a better place for everyone that lives in it (yes, that includes you). The problem was the more people we tried to help the more we realized every business works differently and every business owner thinks differently. We decided to start this company to help everyone with a business that needs help to keep their software and technology up to date and up to standard so they can focus on growing their business. We at Smart MetaTec believe the internet and all the wonderful things in it should be used by businesses to maximize their growth and profits. We build custom solutions for business if they can’t find any other solution online or if it is too expensive.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to see you grow your business to its full potential without worrying about the technical side of it all. We aim to satisfy every need our customers may have and to deliver the highest possible quality products to our customers. 

Explore Our Products

Keep your valueable information safe with TrustLock. Have access to all your accounts in one place. TrustLock is a business solution for those who want to keep their information safe and offline. PS: Trustlock can save your crypto wallet data as well.

WorkMate is a highly customizable organisational tool to have quick access to all your account and programs. You can even atch the color and font to your business identity. WorkMate is fun to play with but also takes your work seriously.

Smart Commerce is the perfect WooCommerce plugin that will prevent your clients from breaking the website and from making changes in the WordPress “Administrator” admin panel (The Backend) of the website.

Our Practices

• Project Management.
• Product Ownership.

• Platform development
• Mobile development
• Web development
• Custom WP Plugins
• Cloud

• Product Discovery
• UX/UI design

Here's Why You Need Us:

We're Good

Not just good, but excellent at what we do, tackling your specialized complications.

We're Easygoing

Sure, we’re geeks, but we’re lovable.

We're Flexible

Sure, we’re geeks, but we’re lovable.

We're Driven

Like you, we’re a business who puts our good name behind everything we do.

That means we're going to always do our best for you.

You do what you do best. - We do Coding.

Ready to get started?

Talk to our team!

Ready to get started?

Talk to our team!