Passphrase or Seed Phrase

What is a passphrase or seed phrase?

A recovery phrase (sometimes known as a seed phrase) is a series of words generated by TrustLock that gives you access to the data associated with that your account in case you lost your master password similar to how a crypto wallet works. Think of TrustLock as being similar to a password manager for crypto or other data. What is an example of a seed phrase?

For example, “A5CD7462F…” is part of a private key. Instead of having to deal with that long string of characters, the wallet seed phrase, also known as a mnemonic phrase, is made up of 12, 18, or 24 words that the wallet originally relies on to initially generate your private key. Is a passphrase the same as the private key? A Passphrase is preferred over a Private key because of its logic, and it is easy to read, easy to remember and can be easily noted on paper.