Make work fun with WorkMate

Manage all your apps, notes, to-dos, and more in one place. Ever wasted time looking for apps on your computer or trying to remember useful websites? WorkMate is here for you!

1. Run your favourite apps and websites all from one screen.
2. Make notes and set the priority level for each note.
3. Change the colour and fonts to your liking.
4. Import and export your apps and notes to share with colleagues and friends.


Macbook WorkMate Green

What does WorkMate do?

WorkMate Apps Tab

Apps And Websites

  • Access all your apps/websites in one central location.
  • Group apps/websites you use together.
  • Open all your apps/websites with one click.
  • No more hunting for where your apps are.
  • No more trying to remember important websites


  • Save notes and attach a priority level.
  • Keep Track of tasks you need to complete.
  • Save important information you need.
  • The date is added so you know when the note was made remember important websites
WorkMate Notes Tab
WorkMate Settings Tab

Fully Customizable

  • Change the colour and font to suit you.
  • Import and export notes and websites to share with colleagues and friends.
  • Change the order in which you see notes to your preferences.

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